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Check Out the CNET Deals Text Group for Curated Daily Deals


The CNET Deals team works hard every day to filter through all of the things supposedly on sale across the internet, so we can get rid of the junk and only highlight the best on our site. And if you keep an eye on CNET every day, you can save quite a bit of money on a wide variety of important products every day. But the truth is you probably don’t remember to check out CNET Deals every day, because sometimes life happens and you’ve got other things to do. 

Instead of letting you miss out on a good deal, we’ve created a daily text service to deliver a special message every day with something you might like. 

Whereas the deals you’ll find on CNET offer a wide range, the daily deals text has a narrower focus. If we find something interesting for under $50 at a significant discount, you’ll hear about it from us. This includes deals available at Amazon and expanding to include any major retailer, as long as it’s something genuinely discounted and not just listed as on sale. 

Separately, during major shopping events like Black Friday and Prime Day you can opt in to a greater volume of deals texts from any retailer offering something unique or interesting. We’ll send out a notice ahead of these events so you always have control over how many texts you get from us. 

If you aren’t seeing the deals you want to see, all you need to do is ask! This text platform is a two-way street powered by the CNET Deals team, which means every message is sent by a person and we see every reply. If you’re ever looking for a notification when a specific thing is on sale, all you need to do is ask. Just sign up below, and your next deal is a day away. 



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